How to cancel an order on Nike

  • What to Know:
  • Go to Nike Website > Log in to Nike Profile > check your order > Tap on Order information > locate cancel option > click it > Re-check the order status

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking advice on how to cancel an order on Nike. I’ll show you how to accomplish precisely that in this post. If you’ve watched any sport in the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Nike. They have built one of the greatest companies in the sector as one of the world’s largest sporting brands. Even yet, ordering something from Nike might occasionally be a disaster for whatever cause. If this happens, you’ll need to understand how to cancel a Nike order right away.

How to cancel an order on Nike

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Check how long it’s been since Nike verified your order. You may do so by going into your Nike profile ( ), checking the app, or checking your email.
  • You may log in to your account and remove it online if it’s less than 60 minutes (if it’s more, keep reading). You should be able to terminate the order using your account if it is just under 60 minutes old. If it’s been more than 60 minutes, phone them at 1-800-806-6453.
  • Go to Nike’s website and log in to your account’s Orders area.
  • You should be able to access all of the Nike orders you’ve placed through this account once you’re in the Orders area.
  • Tap on Order information to find the order you wish to cancel. To cancel an order, locate it and click Cancel. If the status of your order is Pending or On Hold, you must phone them to cancel it.
  • To ensure that the order has been canceled, choose Cancel Order and examine your account.
  • Re-check the order status to see whether they’ve issued cancellation verification to your email and ensure that your Nike order has been canceled.


When you cancel a Nike order, do you receive your money back?

They’ll process your return and give a refund to your original method of payment within two business days after we receive your products. They’ll send you an email after the refund has been processed; however, the cash may take up to 10 days to appear in your account.

What steps do you need to take to secure a refund from Nike?

Simply go back to your order, find the item, and click “View Return.” Select “Get Return Label” on the following screen to have a label addressed to you. When will I be able to receive my money back? We’ll send a refund to your original means of payment once we’ve received your products.

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