How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle

  • What to Know:

Drivers should follow the safety rule of always wearing a helmet. I don’t know whether you’ve ever offered a friend a ride and then realized you didn’t have a spare helmet with you. Because some people don’t know how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle, these situations arise. In order to avoid finding yourself in an uncomfortable scenario, it is vital to be aware of some of the ways of carrying an additional helmet on a motorbike.

How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Connect it to the backrest:

You can carry an extra helmet if your motorcycle has a backrest. The backrest may be used to secure your helmet. Simply fasten it to the back using a rubber strap. To keep it firmly in place, a bungee rope must be tied to the backrest post. You can carry a spare helmet around with ease if you do that.

  • Under the passenger seat, hang the helmet:

On the back seat of most motorcycles are hooks. The reason you find it difficult to carry an extra helmet about is likely because you weren’t aware of the use of such a hook. To get your helmet to rest on the side and secure the seat, all you have to do is hook the D-ring on the hook. The helmet, though, can injure your bike if it hangs. This is a better choice if you are riding alone.

  • Employ a cargo net:

Typically, a cargo net is a unique kind of elastic net with hooks along its fences. To begin, place the helmet on the rider’s seat. Next, drape the cargo net over the helmet and fasten it to the motorcycle. Because it firmly secures the helmet to the bike, it is advised to choose a smaller net with a smaller weave. To prevent the helmet from slipping out, the strings should be distributed evenly.

  • Apply a tail bag:

Carrying a spare helmet is best done with a hard plastic top case or tail bag. If you have already used it, you will also understand that it may make for a really comfy backrest, especially if you are transporting a passenger. Utilizing it in addition to a hard shell to keep your full-face helmet improves security.

  • Saddlebags:

It is one of the simplest choices available if your saddlebag has enough room, so there is no excuse not to carry an extra helmet. These bags are available in a variety of variations, including canvas saddlebags, leather, and hard panniers. The most crucial thing is to make sure it has enough room.

  • A flexible helmet strap:

The only difference between this strap and the cargo net is that it has two hooks. Depending on your style, adjust your helmet using the four straps and secure the strap with the hooks.

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