How to Delete a MailChimp Campaign

Are you a blogger or a digital marketer who uses MailChimp email campaigns to grow your online business? Have you recently created a wrong email campaign that you want to delete?

Don’t worry; because the following guide discusses the steps of how to delete a MailChimp Draft campaign.

Deleting a MailChimp Campaign

  • In order to delete a campaign from your Mailchimp account, you need to follow these steps:
  • Press the Campaigns icon and select All campaigns.
  • Check the box next to the campaign you want to delete and press the delete button.
  • Later, you’ll receive a pop-up message conforming to your delete action.
  • You must type delete in capital letters and click on the delete button, available at the bottom.

How to Cancel a Campaign in Mailchimp

We are humans, and we can make a mistake while creating a campaign. However, MailChimp offers a handy Stop Delivery feature to cancel a plain-text or regular campaign.

Not only that, but you can also track the subscribers who received the canceled campaign. This way, you can create a separate segment to either resend later or exclude them.

  • However, you should consider the eligibility criteria to cancel a campaign:
  • You can withdraw only plain-text or regular campaigns.
  • The campaign should have a minimum of 10,000 recipients.
  • You can cancel the campaign while you are sending emails.
  • You’ll receive your unused credits if you have a legacy Pay As You Go account after the cancellation process.

Essential Points to Know Before Deleting a MailChimp Campaign

  • Before you start removing or deleting campaigns from Mailchimp, you need to know some things.
  • You can’t recover most of the campaigns after deleting. However, you can contact the Support Team for assistance to retrieve some emails and layouts.
  • You should delete a campaign’s reports while removing any completed or paused campaign.
  • If you want to delete the ongoing campaign, you should pause an ongoing campaign before deleting it.

Recover Deleted Campaign Mailchimp

  • You can recover your deleted email, templates, and other data by contacting the Mailchimp support team.
  • Go to the Technical Support section, available under the guides and tutorials tab.
  • If you have a premium or legacy pro account, you can go to the Priority Support section, else scroll down to the bottom to email the support team. Or you can also opt for a live chat.

How to delete drafts on Mailchimp

  • Locate the draft under the Mailchimp tab.
  • You’ll be given the opportunity to remove the draft. Then choose Delete draft from the drop-down menu.
  • Please keep in mind that once a draft is removed, it cannot be undone.

How to recover deleted campaign on Mailchimp

  • Contact the Mailchimp support staff to retrieve your lost emails, templates, and other data.
  • Under the guidelines and tutorials page, go to the Technical Support area.
  • You can navigate to the Priority Support area if you have a premium or legacy pro account, or scroll down to the bottom to email the support team. You may also use a live chat option.

How to recover deleted contact on Mailchimp

  • When you deactivate a contact, their personal information is removed and their data is anonymized in your reports. A deleted contact cannot be re-added to your audience. Only by re-joining using a Mailchimp registration form will you be able to re-add that contact.
  • Contact archiving, on the other hand, is reversible. If you have inactive or obsolete contacts who don’t respond to your efforts, you should archive them. You may always unarchive them if you change your views.

How to delete subscriber’s Mailchimp

  • Click ‘Lists’ towards the top of the page from the Mailchimp dashboard.
  • Select the type of your list.
  • Choose ‘Segments’ from the black horizontal line.
  • Choose your portion by clicking on its name.
  • Click the down arrow to the right of the column header ‘Email Address,’ then ‘Select Visible.’
  • The ‘Delete’ button will now appear.

How to delete a segment in Mailchimp

  • Click ‘Lists’ towards the top of the page from the Mailchimp dashboard.
  • Select the name of your list.
  • Select ‘Segments’ from the black horizontal line.
  • Next to your part, click ‘Delete.’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

How to delete Mailchimp account

  • To delete your MailChimp account, follow these steps:
  • Select the Account tab after tapping your profile symbol.
  • Choose Pause or delete the account from the Settings drop-down list by scrolling down.
  • To continue, pick “Permanently delete this account” and then click Continue.
  • Fill out the exit survey. If you believe the excessive cost is the cause for closing the account, you will have the opportunity to contact with support and reconsider your options.
  • When you’re ready to start the deletion process, confirm your password and click Delete Account Permanently.
  • In the Verify Account Cancellation pop-up window, type DELETE.
  • Press Deactivate your account to delete your MailChimp account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are My Campaigns Mailchimp?

All you need to do is to log into your MailChimp account and click on Campaigns. You can see different options; however, you must select “Sent Campaign” or “View Report or Edit.”

Next, click on the down arrow available on the right side and select View email. Here, you can see emails sent as a part of your previous campaign.

You can select “Past Issues” available on the top of the page to see the list of sent campaigns.


MailChimp offers simple procedures to delete or remove a campaign with just a few clicks. Just follow the above steps and thank me later in the comments.

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