How to measure bat speed without a radar gun

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking directions on how to measure bat speed without a radar gun. A radar gun can be used to assess bat speed, although it is not always precise. To assess bat speed without the use of a radar gun, you must first understand how bats function and how they are evaluated. You may use a phone app to gain a better sense of how quickly bats are flying. I’ll show you how to accomplish precisely that in this post.

To find bat speed, use a phone app:

  • Bat speed may be determined in a variety of methods, but there are a few applications that can assist you to get a rough estimate without using a radar gun.
  • You may measure the speed of your bat in real-time while you swing by utilizing an app. Players that desire to enhance their hitting abilities and track their development over time would benefit from this information.
  • Free and paid versions of apps like Bat Speed Pro are available, so you may select one that suits your demands and budget.
  • The program will also track how often you strike the ball at various speeds, which is handy for all levels of hitters.

Measure the length of a bat’s wingspan:

Measuring bat wing spread is a vital part of building your batting cage, particularly if you want to make the most of the area available to your players. Wing span may be measured using calipers or a tape measure and should not be overlooked when building your batting cage.

Bat Flight Time Calculator:

Bat flight time is crucial for hitting your targets during batting practice. Use the following equations to determine bat flying time: The distance traveled multiplied by the amount of time it takes to cover the distance. This will tell you how fast the bat is in feet per second (fps). A radar gun can also be used to determine bat speed, although this isn’t always necessary.


Without a radar gun, you may time how long it takes bats to travel from one extreme of the batting cage to the other using various tactics such as hand-held stopwatches or applauding techniques. Additionally, video technology such as a camera set on a tripod may be used to capture bat flights and compute their speeds. Finally, if everything else fails and you don’t have any other equipment, you may calculate bat speeds by measuring their wingspan.

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