How to rock climb with long nails

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking directions on how to rock climb with long nails. Although many climbers are competent enough to worry about their muscular strength later in life rather than early, it’s still a good idea to see an expert before choosing whether or not you need extra nails for rock climbing. While there have already been six recommendations for improving fingernails in this post, here are six others.

How to rock climb with long nails

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  • Biotin is a nutrient that can help you live a healthier life (also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B-7). Supplementing with biotin might assist to strengthen your fingernails and hair. Cooked eggs and beans are examples of foods that contain them.
  • Eating well is also a great method to strengthen your fingernails. To maintain fingernails and the rest of the body healthy, eat a balanced diet rich in multivitamins and minerals. Avoid nail paint removers containing acetone since it destroys nails. Instead, use acetone-free polish remover and non-toxic polishes and soaks.
  • While it is fashionable to have long or false fingernails, it is neither safe nor comfortable. When rock scaling the way it is now, there are just too many factors to consider without having nails that break and cause agony to the climber. Wearing clear or colored gel paint on well-trimmed nails can be beneficial for two reasons:
  • Gel paint provides added strength to the nail, keeping it from breaking.
  • Fingernails that are kept well-trimmed reduce the risk of breaking during climbing.


Finally, there are differing viewpoints on whether long nails impair rock climbing skills. Long nails do not restrict my ability to rock climb, and I believe that if I’m careful and safe, I shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re a rookie rock climber who’s afraid of being hurt, though, shorter nails are preferable.


What nail length is ideal for outdoor rock climbing?

Having a variety of nippers and cutting scissors in different sizes will also help you get the right nail length. A nicely cut nail has a gentle slope and a circular form at the end. When all of the nail’s sections are clipped, it resembles a curve. To seem clean, crisp, continuous, tidy, and appealing, the quality is clipped with an angle and a broad trapezoid.

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